Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Land of the birds

In the winter the birds are so loud and fly around from one yard to the next. I am always afraid to walk out there because I may have bird droppings land on me. So far I haven't. If you go outside you can see a sea of birds on the grass or on the trees. Once some start flying they all take off.
Here is the Army things that fly over our house. They get so close at night I turn on my porch lights so they don't run into the house. Usually they fly in groups. Enjoy

Monday, February 16, 2009

I love these berry bushes!

We have these berry bushes in our neighborhood. At Christmastime my neighbors clip some branches and make arrangements from them. The bushes in the top 2 pictures are going to be taken out to make room for smaller bushes. I hate to see them go.
I have never seen bushes like the ones below. The berries grow like grapes hanging. I hope you like them. Let me know if you know the names of these bushes.