Saturday, December 6, 2008

Do I make you proud?

I love the song "Do I make you proud" by Taylor Hicks. Everytime I hear it I get a little lump in my throat. I always think of my kids. This is going to be corny and sentimental but here goes.

Everyday we tell them to do their best and to keep trying and to be good people. They have their own struggles, some struggles I can't even imagine. They have grown and overcome so much. Told you it was going to be corny.

But when I hear that song, I wonder if I am making them proud. If I am doing the very best for them that I can. And how I can help them more. I am soooo proud of them and get too teary when I see them happy or just in everyday life. Sometimes I wish I could get through to them how much I admire them and how proud I am to be their mother. Ok, I'm done now. Here's hoping I always listen to that song and keep trying to make THEM proud. Love you guys. Mom
p.s. that's an old picture but a goody :) Yes I do believe in Miracles, everyday :)

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