Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Book Review: Death by the Book by Julianna Deering

I wanted to share with you a very clever book I just finished reading.  It is called "Death by the Book" and was written by Julianna Deering.  I love a good mystery novel and this one was no exception.  The story was very well written.  I was kept guessing who committed the murder until the very end, which I really appreciated.  Usually I just tend to stop reading if the mystery is solved before the end (sad, but true).  The author really made the characters likeable and I laughed a little at the interactions between the characters.  The conversations of the characters themselves really made it feel like I was there with them inside the story.

I don't like to spoil a good story, so if you would like to read a book that is a quick, enjoyable read, while still being a book that you don't want to put down (because you just have to know who the killer is), this book is for you. 

I want to thank Bethany House for a copy of this book to review with my honest opinion.

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